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José Fernández Senior editor

Chinese Chess Deluxe is a Chinese chess game for Windows. It allows players to use either the original Chinese set of pieces or use a more international one, which players of the regular chess are more comfortable with. By default, the set of pieces used is the Western one.

The game of Chinese Chess is a little different to regular Chess.
In this game, certain pieces "capture" others by going over them, instead of simply occupying the same space, like in Chess. The piece movements also change, but there are some pieces like the Rook, which move in a similar way.

Chinese Chess Deluxe puts all the pieces on a brown board. There are lines drawn that represent the different spaces that you can occupy. When you select a particular piece, white dots appear showing you all the possible places where you can move that piece. At the left of the board is a list of all the movements made by you and your opponent. You can play against a human opponent or the CPU.

The game comes with a very basic help file that details both the rules of Chinese Chess and some of the application's features. The help is really easy to use and can be used to learn the basics of Chinese Chess. At first, the game might feel weird to the regular Chess player. But practice makes master; or so they say.


  • It has good help.
  • The board is clean and easy to "read".
  • International piece set.


  • None.

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